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My Story of Pain Management Mastery

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Born with very rare genetic conditions that went undiagnosed most of my life due to their rareness, I was racked with pain constantly, yet had no validation that I was in pain or suffering from serious, life-threatening conditions. And, so I accepted a state of chronic pain as being normal.

Because of the conditions I had, I injured myself frequently, performing every day tasks would cause small injuries to my joints and muscles constantly; but I did not know that at the time. I just knew that everything hurt and sometimes it hurt more.

However, as a coping mechanism, I learned to tune the pain message out of my conscious mind at a very early age unless I had a severe injury. There are levels of pain mastery in this technique, but I believe it can be taught on some level to any pain sufferer. We will be offering free classes to educate about this technique!

So, what did I do next in life? I became an extreme sports enthusiast. I did things I never should have been able to do nor that I ever should have done with the conditions I had. This just caused even more injuries to my spine, head, neck and basically every part of my body.

And, yet also, being an active sports enthusiast also brought a high level of health and fitness which improved my overall health, strengthened: my core; my skeletal musculature; and, all the mechanical systems in my body. So, it was a two-edged sword of continuous injury and continuous growing fitness and strength.

However, over time, I actually built up a kind of "body armor", for lack of a better word, that was a combination of scar tissue and strong musculature. Because one of the genetic conditions I was born with causes over-elasticity of the connective tissue, having strong, healthy muscles actually prevented many of the common injuries I had been living with daily and improved my quality of life considerably. It was a rough and painful road getting there, but it afforded me a level of function I would not have enjoyed had I not been active. Movement is an inherent part of living systems and the healthy maintenance of living systems. I have developed a very simple set of movements that almost anyone can do that can lower body-wide pain levels by 40% or more depending on the condition of one's tissue. We will have free classes for this as well!

This is one of the concepts behind Physical Therapy and many sports: no pain; no gain. It is a fine line to raise the level of fitness in order to improve all bodily functions, to reprogram tissue to perform at a higher level and to reframe injuries WITHOUT causing more injuries. The good news is that it can be done. Our lower nature does not like being taken out of our comfort zone but the rewards we receive far exceed any temporary discomfort or inconvenience. For the toughest cases and long-term results, delayed gratification and the ability to persevere through challenges are essential elements for turning the pain ship around. Once that ship starts turning, the relief you will experience in a very short amount of time will carry you through the rest of your efforts.

However, many pain sufferers are so injured, so sick and in such a state of physical and emotional dysfunction and degradation by the time they reach out for help that fitness and life-changes are best handled with professional oversight by your Primary Care doctor and/or a Physical Therapist. For total success with pain relief, emotional issues will have to be addressed by qualified professionals as well. I did it; you can too!

So, back to my story: I had this high level of fitness going for me when my health was decimated by Lyme disease, a serious car accident, dental malpractice and severe emotional trauma. My body went completely haywire. No doctor knew what was wrong with me nor how to help me. I was bed-ridden for years. I was even allergic to my own sweat. If I pushed myself to do things; disastrous physical consequences ensued. I was in and out of the hospital constantly.

Through a series of providential events, self-education, some keen practitioners, significant financial investment and serious personal growth, I eventually recovered from all of those problems that I was told were "incurable". My pain level went from a 9-10 all day to ZERO!

So, then, life went on and, subsequently, industrial poisoning and more dental and medical malpractice completely trashed my health again to the point of my having a heart attack, being taken into an open-heart surgery that I didn't even need, dying twice, having a stroke, being given MRSA bone infections and on and on and on.

After many years, much study, investment and effort, I recovered from all of those impossible situations as well.
Then, another series of serious, impossible health, malpractice and medical events occurred and I am alive only by miracles. There is constant, intractable pain continually biting at my heels, but the good news is that I am able to enjoy the lowest level of pain, highest level of function and highest quality of health and life possible under these circumstances. The two things doctors say to me relentlessly after they see my medical chart: "We've never seen that before," and "That's impossible!"

I'm here to say that it's not impossible to have amazing wellness and well-being turn arounds if we are willing to do the work. And, I am quite sure that no doctor has ever seen anything like my case before which is exactly why I have so much help to offer those who are sincerely devoted to changing their health story and managing pain; I spent 35 years educating myself and $250k in health investments. I have been through more unusual health challenges than any person I have met and been able to solve more health dilemma than any single practitioner I have met simply by learning how to support the body's own process of regeneration and healing. I am living proof that even with life-threatening genetic conditions, after "impossible" setbacks, horrific medical malpractice, serious injuries and terminal diagnoses; pain can be managed, function maximized and life enjoyed!

THE GOOD NEWS IS that if you want to learn how to improve your quality of life and reduce/eliminate pain; we are here to support your educational process totally for free. What you are willing to learn, do and invest into your own wellness and well-being will determine your level of success. It only takes a couple of weeks to feel the difference!

Mandatory FDA Disclosure and Warnings: The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor the American Medical Association. Any wellness technologies and educational information promoted on this website ARE NOT a substitute for medication or professional medical treatment. The wellness technologies and this educational information ARE NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made on this website and at our store are for educational purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor. Do not use any of our technologies nor make any changes to your lifestyle without first consulting with your healthcare professional especially if you are pregnant, have a Pacemaker, Cardiac, Neurological or other serious health condition. The wellness technologies we promote are for experimental use only; use at your own risk. No guarantees of any kind are made. We encourage the use of these technologies under the supervision of an informed, licensed healthcare provider. A wholistic approach is necessary to achieve optimal results. We believe that moderate exercise, proper nutrition, fresh air, moderate sunshine, a positive attitude, drinking plenty of pure water along with detoxing and cleansing are the foundation to any plan to improve overall wellness and well-being. Individual results may vary.

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