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Opening the Channels of Elimination

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Keeping the Three Pillars of Health in mind, now that you have taken the first steps to transform your health, the next vital step is to open up your body's channels of elimination. Why? Because, as a general rule, most people's channels of elimination are at an extremely low function level. The body cannot do its work to eliminate toxins and rebuild tissue effectively if the channels of elimination are blocked.

Thankfully, there are some easy techniques to kick start them back up to their optimum function level.
The Body's Channels of Elimination are the skin, the liver, the kidneys, the lungs and the colon. The SAFEST channel of elimination for the body is through the skin. If you are not sweating; you need to start sweating again!

Dry skin brushing is one way to help wake up the skin. Also, we have some scrubs and baths we recommend as well.

Infrared sauna IS KEY for those with a heavy toxic burden (everyone). And, yes, it should be infrared sauna. Sweat lodges, Swedish Sauna and going out in the heat have value, but for pulling pesticides, heavy metals and other horrific toxins through the skin with the least amount of trauma on the body; nothing replaces infrared sauna. You can usually find one in your area where you can buy a package deal. It certainly would be a worthy personal investment for one's home.

Once the skin is producing and eliminating, the next focus is on the lungs. In our high stress society, strangely many people are actually holding their breath for much of the day. Further, most people are taking shallow breaths and not totally clearing their lungs. Learning deep breathing exercises is crucial for healthy lung function.
Next, the taboo topic of the colon! We already recommended Dr. Norman Walker's book "Colon Health" and you absolutely must read this book to understand how important your colon is to your overall health.

We recommend a very simple fiber protocol to get the colon rollin again. Take 1 teaspoon of raw, organic flax seeds and 1 teaspoon of organic chia seeds, grind it real fast in a coffee grinder, place in a glass jar with 10 oz of spring water. Shake it around and place in the fridge for a minimum of 20 minutes. You can even make it the night before to have handy in the morning. We recommend after drinking the morning lemon water that you wait about 10 minutes and then, drink this fiber drink. Then, you wait about 20 minutes before eating breakfast. When first starting to wake up the colon; it can get "insulted". Thus, it is necessary to have an herbal laxative on hand like Swiss Kriss or Prunelax to take with your fiber drink in the beginning. Do not over dose on the laxatives, but do not underdose either. No one can tell you how much to take; you have to listen to your body and figure it out based on the recommended dosage. Start with a higher dosage and work your way down. Eventually, you won't need any herbal laxative at all if you diligently take your fiber drink every morning like clockwork.

Last, let's look at the kidneys. Most people's kidneys are at a very low function level. Waking the kidneys back up needs to be done gently and gradually. To start, you may purchase some fresh organic lemons and some distilled water. First thing in the morning before eating, you may throw down an 8 oz glass of distilled water with the FRESH SQUEEZED juice of half a lemon in it. You may drink distilled water throughout the day. 30 minutes before lunch, you may do another glass of the lemon water. If there is any burning, definitely discontinue. You may continue to drink distilled water throughout the day. Before bed, you may brink a shot glass of raw, organic, extra virgin olive oil followed by the juice of an entire lemon. Immediately, go to sleep. Below is an article from Dr. Carey Reams about lemon juice protocols that has helpful info.

If at any time that you are opening up the channels of elimination you develop a rash, nausea, headache, or any physical discomfort, we recommend you slow down your detox process by eating a nice meal and then, taking an infrared sauna or a hot shower with a scrub. You can resume once the symptoms dissipate.
With your kidney protocol we also recommend looking into a kidney probiotic and Dr. Schultze's KB tonic tea and tincture which will support all of your kidney efforts. (KB formula is under the "Specifics" tab)


If you follow these simple guidelines, your quality of life can completely transform in a very short amount of time. If you are overweight, the weight can come off without any effort. If you are underweight, you can begin to gain. This is not a cure all or panacea, but it is a pathway to assisting your body in achieving its maximum function level!

Mandatory FDA Disclosure and Warnings: The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor the American Medical Association. Any wellness technologies and educational information promoted on this website ARE NOT a substitute for medication or professional medical treatment. The wellness technologies and this educational information ARE NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made on this website and at our store are for educational purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor. Do not use any of our technologies nor make any changes to your lifestyle without first consulting with your healthcare professional especially if you are pregnant, have a Pacemaker, Cardiac, Neurological or other serious health condition. The wellness technologies we promote are for experimental use only; use at your own risk. No guarantees of any kind are made. We encourage the use of these technologies under the supervision of an informed, licensed healthcare provider. A wholistic approach is necessary to achieve optimal results. We believe that moderate exercise, proper nutrition, fresh air, moderate sunshine, a positive attitude, drinking plenty of pure water along with detoxing and cleansing are the foundation to any plan to improve overall wellness and well-being. Individual results may vary.

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