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The Three Pillars of Health

The Keys to the Kingdom of Wellness and Well-being

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After 35 years of devoted research and $250k in health investment, I had an "aha" moment. After assisting scores of people with their health goals, the "Holy Grail" of health was revealed to me. I began applying the system with my clients and immediately garnered a 100% success rate with all clients who did their work!

Of course, this is UNPRECEDENTED! And, it certainly confirmed to me that I had received a "Divine" revelation about health that is confirmed all throughout the physics of our cosmos. Without going into the intricacies of my discoveries, I am going to boil it down for you so that it is simple and easy to understand. In fact, I call it "The Simplicity of Health" because, as Occam's Razor shows us; it is the shortest distance between two points with the least amount of conflicts that ends of being the correct answer.

The basic information we have given on this website is a good template to start your health-reclaiming journey, but if you TRULY want to get well; you are going to have to commit to EDUCATING YOURSELF. Going to doctors and practitioners and expecting them to wave a magic wand or give you a magic pill is extremely disempowering in your journey to vitality. In our quest for personal vitality and wellness, assuming we do not have serious health problems, these experts are best used as TEAM MATES and ADVISORS. The key is when you understand how the body works, how all of creation works and the Three Pillars of Health that I am about to share with you, you will be better equipped to pick the right team mates and advisors and make the best choices for your health. I found out the expensive way that no single practitioner has all of the answers. That is why, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, that I WAS THE ONE WHO NEEDED TO UNDERSTAND HOW THINGS WORKED so that I could make the best decisions for my health.

It is also essential to get back in touch with your body. This means becoming aware of body functions, how environments and intake effect how your body feels and performs. One of the main problems with EVERYONE in our modern society is that we are chock full of DEADLY POISONS from pesticides, heavy metals, petro-chemicals and other solvents that BLOCK the body's ability to maintain function and balance. The EPA has found in 2018 that infants are born with over 200 toxic chemicals and heavy metals already lodged in their body tissues; why do you think childhood cancers have gone up 400%? Is that some sort of weird coincidence? Well, those toxic substances are cancer-causing agents so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Another problem is that our farming practices are atrocious. Our top soils are devoid of minerals and by the time our food reaches us it has been in transit for at least 3 weeks. Every minute that passes after harvesting fresh fruits and veggies (and even meat) the nutritional value is GOING DOWN. Add to that the preservatives, methane gassing and irradiation the time we eat it; it has very little nutrition left. So, I discovered that EVERYONE of my clients was MALNOURISHED as well as HIGHLY TOXIC!

Along with proper nutrition, DEHYDRATION was consistent across the board. If our bodies are made up of almost 80% water, how do we expect to be healthy when we don't drink enough water or we drink chemical-laden, mineral deficient, electrially devoid, unstructured water? The best water I have found in the USA is "Mountain Valley Spring Water" which can usually be delivered right to your door depending upon where you live. This water grew its own crystals in my water crock basin! Its pure, its alive and tasty!

So, we are going to introduce the Three Pillars of Health today, and go into more detail in the days ahead. But, to get you started; we will give a brief overview.


We have gone over the first two in a very basic way, but even if we have the first two down pat, if our body structure is out of alignment due to sports injuries, car and other accidents and other injuries; we can still suffer from besetting health problems depending upon the nature of our misalignment. Alignment is so important because our body communicates with itself via the nervous system. Misalignment interrupts this communication network and the body cannot help itself the way it needs to when the electrical charges that communicate through the neurons and synopses are blocked.

There is also a whole dental piece to this puzzle too that fits into all three pillars, but we will tackle that in another blog.

So, in the meantime, be thinking about these three pillars of health and start educating YOURSELF about how the body works. Read the two books we recommend on the middle of this web page and you will be well on your way to being able to reclaim your vitality and well-being!


Mandatory FDA Disclosure and Warnings: The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor the American Medical Association. Any wellness technologies and educational information promoted on this website ARE NOT a substitute for medication or professional medical treatment. The wellness technologies and this educational information ARE NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made on this website and at our store are for educational purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of your family doctor. Do not use any of our technologies nor make any changes to your lifestyle without first consulting with your healthcare professional especially if you are pregnant, have a Pacemaker, Cardiac, Neurological or other serious health condition. The wellness technologies we promote are for experimental use only; use at your own risk. No guarantees of any kind are made. We encourage the use of these technologies under the supervision of an informed, licensed healthcare provider. A wholistic approach is necessary to achieve optimal results. We believe that moderate exercise, proper nutrition, fresh air, moderate sunshine, a positive attitude, drinking plenty of pure water along with detoxing and cleansing are the foundation to any plan to improve overall wellness and well-being. Individual results may vary.

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