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  • What is Pain?

    Pain is a mechanism in the body to alert us that something is wrong with our body and we need to attend to it. Sadly, in modern Western medicine, pain is treated as something separate from the condition of the entire body and only focuses on the area with the pain; which makes no scientific sense at all.

    The reason this makes no sense is because our body is not a set of random organs thrown together as separate systems that have nothing to do with each other. Our body is a symphony of symbiotic exchange, interdependency, mutual support and overall function; each individual cell contributing to the wholeness and soundness of the whole body.

    The latest research by Dr. Paul Pearsall, as found in his book "The Hearts Code" about transplant medicine, shows that the quantum physics principal of "non-locality" seems to govern body systems and organs via mechanisms within the cells and tissue that are not yet fully understood. He discovered in his research that there are communication mechanism between organs, cells, the heart, the nervous system and brain that influence the entire body and that have never before been detected or measured. In other words, they see "the wind blowing" but don't know where it is coming from nor how it is blowing.

    Yet, so far the research shows that the heart has more to do with governing the body than possibly even the brain. There is so much that we do not understand about body function. This is why I was forced outside of traditional, Western medicine into the study of ancient medicine forms that have proven the test of time for 5000 and 9000 years and actually work. I educated myself rigorously and was apprentice to the world's top alternative medicine practitioners. I saw people get well as a normal, matter of course. These answers are not being shared with the general public because it is a threat to the money machine that is Western Medicine.

    What I have learned is, that if we do not understand how the body truly works; we will not be able to understand how to effectively manage pain nor improve our current state of well-being.

    After eons of brainwashing that encourage us to seek out a priest, a shaman, a doctor to give us a "magic pill" or wave a magic wand for every little health concern, rather than arming ourselves with knowledge, behaving responsibly and doing everything we can to maintain our own wellness and well-being; people have surrendered their power to others who have a very narrow and limited approach and have thus limited their options and hindered their own ability to take their health to its highest possible level so they can enjoy the highest quality of life.

    Our approach has worked 100% of the time for those who educate themselves, do their work and make the investment into their own wellness and well-being. But, not everyone will do that. So, basically, we can point you in the right direction, educate and support your process with working solutions; but you have to engage with those solutions by incorporating them into your life. Nonetheless, we are willing to provide you with the educational basics on how to reduce and manage pain totally for free.

    Or you can just stay miserable, drugged out of your mind on pain meds and handfuls of pharmaceuticals that will only diminish your level of function and quality of life over time; every honest doctor will confirm this fact to you as they did for me. The choice is yours.

    This is important because I used to take a handful of pharmaceuticals every day just to get through the day and every night to sleep through the night; I don't have to do that any more and every doctor I see is amazed by this. With your doctor's supervision; you can reduce heavy pain medications too! Click Here to read my story.

    Managing Pain 101

    And, so as you embark on your pain management journey, we are going to give you the foundational truth to reducing pain and achieving lasting pain relief:



    Our whole website is designed to help you understand more about this. But, just think about it: how can any change in the body be achieved if the body's basic functions are impaired?

    Guess what? In most cases, it is not a big deal to get those functions back in order because of the Divine intelligence within the body for self-restoration and self-healing when the body is given what it needs. And, that's why we focus on bringing the body back into balance as our foundation to all pain relief efforts.

    Please value and enjoy the wealth of information on this website that is here to serve you! Perform your own due diligence on the information we share and awaken your conscience to discern truth. The goal of this website is to assist you in your journey to reduce/eliminate pain and improve your quality of life. Please understand that none of the educational information we offer is medical advice, is it to replace any medical advice from your own physicians, nor is it designed to treat or cure any disease. Please consult your physician before embarking on any lifestyle/healthcare changes!

    Thank you for visiting our site! Stay tuned for upcoming broadcasts and educational classes! If you want to receive our newsletter or be notified about upcoming educational events; sign up below or click here to sign up.

  • Find Out How Easy It Can Be to Grow Your Own Food!

    With only 10 minutes a day; your family can be enjoying healthy, fresh food, saving thousands in grocery bills!

  • "Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."


    Ancient Wisdom Provides the Body with the Building Blocks for Pain Relief!

    In order to have the lowest possible pain levels, the body needs to be as healthy as it can be. Here are some basic steps you can take to bring your body back into balance.


    1. Eat in harmony with your genetic programming, ethnicity, geographical location, season and blood type...very much the way our ancestors ate.
    This doesn’t mean conforming to a strict diet, but rather following the guidelines common sense suggests in a thoughtful, gradual way. Consider an organic whole foods diet with as little processed food and added sugar as possible. 64 oz a day of pure water, sunshine, fresh air, exercise and a healthy mindset are just as essential to reaching your dynamic health potential!


    Ideally this means consuming fermented foods, raw dairy (if a safe, local source is available); organic meats; cold water fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel as long as they are NOT from the Pacific (Fukushima); intestine-activating fiber such as exotic grains, raw seeds, legumes, raw fruits and vegetables; superfoods like Bee Pollen/Royal Jelly/Propolis, Maca, Noni, Mangosteen, Goji berries; and no GMO grains (understanding that some people can’t tolerate wheat and other grains at all). A healthy balance of 40%-60% raw diet is ideal. Raw juices are an AWESOME way to give your body a super-nutrient boost and can bring the fastest health improvement ever! A good book to read is "Eat Right for Your Blood Type". To keep it simple: just avoid the foods that are on the "avoid" list.


    2. Use foods rather than supplements to treat and prevent chronic illness.
    Whole foods contain all of substances the body needs in order to efficiently process the benefits that food offers. The whole foods themselves work synergistically with the body and are far more effective than trying to play "chemistry set" with processed, targeted vitamin supplements that have been stripped of their vital co-factors and co-nutrients. Although less harmful than pharmaceuticals themselves, unless a supplement is actually comprised of a real food (not a bacteria that is fed vitamins), it has the potential to create micro-deficiencies and cause nutrient and chemical imbalances within the body that produce detrimental outcomes in the long run.


    Why take the powerful antioxidant lycopene in a pill when you can eat a tomato that contains both lycopene and a number of other antioxidants, along with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that work together to prevent heart disease by decreasing cholesterol and lipid levels and stopping abnormal blood clotting?


    3. Combine your healthy eating plan with a program to reduce stress and raise awareness about everything in your lifestyle that is impacting your wellness & pain level...which is everything.

    If we received attention for being sick when we were children, or if we have found comfort in the attention that being sick can illicit, we may have a subconscious vested interest in staying sick that is sabotaging our conscious efforts to be well. Also, stress exhausts the adrenal glands, raises the blood pressure and cortisol levels and inhibits and interferes with every aspect of homeostasis and digestive functioning including our ability to efficiently absorb nutrients. Stressed-out people can’t make very good biological use of even the most healthy diets.


    An attitude of gratitude and giving one's food our focus and attention while we are eating honors the bounty that we have received from the earth. When we do this we are honoring our Creator and the amazing bodies we were given that are about to benefit from the healthy bounty of our beautiful earth. Learning to eat slowly and mindfully will increase your enjoyment of meals, reduce your consumption of food (most of us eat so fast we don’t have time to register signals from our stomach that we are full), and help you make food choices that are better for you.


    4. Find health professionals who will help you begin treatment of chronic pain & conditions with nutrition, therapies that have been around for thousands of years and effective spiritual and emotional stress management (as well as exercise) rather than medication.
    Except in life threatening situations, this is the sane, common sense way to go. The prescription antacids, Type 2 diabetes drugs, and antidepressants that tens of millions of Americans use to decrease acid reflux, lower blood sugar, and improve mood, only treat symptoms and do not address causes. And they have very significant and often dangerous side-effects. We believe every one should give the genius intelligence of our bodies the chance to cleanse, nourish and align itself by reducing blockages to design function. After all, we are not suffering from a poison deficiency. Thus, If pharmaceuticals are only prescribed after a thorough trial of non-pharmacological treatment, we believe that they will rarely be necessary.


    6. Don’t become a food fanatic.
    If it isn't enjoyable, if it isn't tasty...it won't stick as a habit. The least stressful way to get healthier is to make it a gradual lifestyle shift that becomes your daily way of living versus crash diets and cleanses. When we are healthy, our body will AUTOMATICALLY reach its ideal weight. The good news is that healthy food is not only affordable, especially if you grow your own, but it is also delicious if you find good recipes! We have been tricking people into eating healthy for years and they never even realized it because it was done deliciously! Here's a link to some yummy, easy-to-make recipes for healthy food just for starters. For Pete's sake, you have the internet...find good healthy recipes!! you can even take your favorite recipes and adapt them by using healthier ingredients. Use the guidelines we have outlined and others that make sense to you, but don’t beat yourself up for deviating from them. Just notice the effect of a questionable choice, learn, and return to your program without beating yourself up mentally. If you feel like you HAVE TO have something sweet, the health food store has many delicious, healthy junk food alternatives like cookies, cakes, etc. Here's a link to local healthy foods in your geographical area!


    And don’t waste your time and energy judging others for what they eat! It will just make you cranky and self-righteous. Remember, stressful emotional states ruin your digestion. And it sure doesn't help anyone else either.


    The FOUNDATIONAL AND FIRST ACTION towards pain relief is to improve the overall wellness and well-being of the whole body and self. Every thought and emotion is an electro-chemical reaction in the body. Everything we put in or on our body effects our quality of life. This website is devoted to educating you as to how you can achieve your highest quality of life with maximum drug-free pain relief! So, stay tuned for new posts and information. Our monthly newsletter will also assist you in your journey.


    Recommended reading for beginners:

    The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin;

    Colon Health by Dr. Norman Walker

    Foods to Combat Inflammation to Lower Overall Pain Levels

    "Inflammation is a necessary and important process that happens in the body. The redness, heat, and swelling that happen during injury are a protective response; a response that is designed to quickly repair and heal an injury. The body’s innate intelligence drives this necessary process. However, when inflammation isn’t quick, and targeted, it can cause a state of chronic inflammation leading to disease.


    Chronic inflammation has recently been in the spotlight as the root cause of many diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. Chronic inflammation occurs when your body receives on-going stress signals that activate the immune system to continue producing inflammatory chemicals. This can occur for a number of reasons including poor dietary choices, high stress levels, obesity, low-grade infections and more. The problem is, you don’t know this is happening and there is no blood test for chronic inflammation. But, with heart disease and cancer being the top two causes of death in the United States, it is in our best interest to address the underlying causes of inflammation.


    The underlying cause of inflammation isn’t always apparent, however, dietary choices definitely impact the inflammatory status of the body. Common foods like anything genetically modified, wheat, soy, soda, diet soda, refined sugar, refined grains, industrialized animal products, packaged foods, non-organic fruits and veggies and baked goods, can promote increased inflammation in the body. In contrast, foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants, help combat the inflammatory burden in the body.


    Omega-3 rich foods are important because the body cannot make Omega-3, it must come from the diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are important in combating a number of illnesses including high cholesterol, heart disease, and dementia. Some foods high in omega-3 fatty acids include:


    Sardines...(not Pacific)
    Salmon...(not Pacific)
    Flax seeds
    Hemp seeds
    Chia seeds


    Eating foods rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and flavonoids also helps decrease inflammation in the body. These nutrients can be found in most organic fruits and vegetables. It is important to include as many colorful foods in your diet as possible to get a wide variety of disease fighting, age-defying antioxidants. The goal should be to “eat a rainbow” variety of foods every single day.


    Spices also have unique compounds that support a proper inflammatory response. There are many benefits of common culinary spices, but some of the healthiest, antioxidant rich spices include:

    • Turmeric: Contains curcumin, one of the most potent anti-inflammatory constituents found in foods. Turmeric is used medicinally to help with joint pain, support healthy cholesterol levels, prevent dementia, and more (1).
    • Ginger: In the same family as turmeric, contains gingerol which also promotes a healthy inflammatory response and may explain how ginger helps with pain from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (2).
    • Rosemary: Contains anti-inflammatory rosmarinic acid. This herb has been used for centuries to improve memory and circulation (3).
    • Garlic: Contains sulfur, an important compound for supporting detoxification pathways in the liver. Constituents in garlic also promote decreased inflammation in the heart and blood vessels (4).

    Food is a primary tool that can be used to combat inflammation every single day. By including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich foods in your daily diet, you have the ability to influence the overall inflammatory burden in the body with each bite you take. Check out the recipe below that incorporates many of these anti-inflammatory principles in one dish.


    Summer Quinoa Salad

    Organic Ingredients:

    1 cup dried quinoa, rinsed well

    ½ red onion, finely chopped

    1 cup carrot, finely chopped

    Juice of 1 lime

    1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

    1 large mango, chopped

    ¼ cup mint, finely chopped

    1 teaspoon sea salt, to taste

    Freshly ground black pepper, to taste

    ½-inch-piece ginger, finely chopped

    1 avocado, chopped or thinly sliced

    1 cup cashews, coarsely chopped (optional)

    3 cups Romaine lettuce (or greens of choice), roughly chopped


    Cook the quinoa: Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a medium saucepan; add the quinoa and simmer, covered 15-20 minutes. Set aside and let cool.
    In a large bowl toss the chopped red onion and carrots.
    In a separate bowl, whisk together the lime juice and olive oil. Add to the onion and carrots.
    Add the cooked, cooled quinoa and mango to the large bowl and toss well.
    Mix in mint, cilantro, ginger and salt and pepper, to taste.
    Garnish with sliced avocado.
    Scoop mixture over greens and serve chilled or at room temperature.


    “Turmeric.” World’s Healthiest Foods. Whfoods.com.
    “Ginger.” World’s Healthiest Foods. Whfoods.com.
    “What Is Rosemary Good For?” Mercola.com.
    “Garlic.” World’s Healthiest Foods. Whfoods.com."

    Article Source


  • Some Essentials

    Here are some easy things YOU can do to improve your quality of life!

    Kombucha Can Improve Digestion!

    And can help to restore your gut flora

    Kombucha can help to improve overall health in so many ways! You will notice a huge difference in how you feel after a meal if you drink some kombucha with it! The great news is that kombucha is SO EASY to make! When making your own kombucha, we recommend only using organic, dehydrated cane juice or real maple syrup as the sweetener; the more natural the better. (We don't recommend drinking Kombucha with sweets or yoghurt at the same time.)

    Making Fermented Foods is Easy!

    And can help to restore your gut flora

    Fermenting foods is an ancient practice that offers amazing health benefits! With all the antibiotics and toxins we are exposed to in our food that destroy necessary intestinal flora, it is vital that we make an extra effort to restore those beneficial organisms in order to enjoy vibrant health! Fermented foods are easier to digest and provide beneficial intestinal bacteria. A couple of minutes and pennies can change your life if you learn how to make your own fermented foods including kimchee and sauerkraut! There's tons of videos on YouTube about it!

    Dr. Schultze's Master Tonic

    Taken as a daily tonic, it can head colds, flu and infections off at the pass

    The Healing Benefits of a Master Tonic:

    This tincture has anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial qualities. Tinctures also have the ability to enter your system within a matter of seconds, much quicker than capsuled dry herbs that need to be digested first.


    The Ingredients:

    Use only organic vegetables for this tonic. Layer the ingredients into your jar by type. The amount of ingredients will depend upon the size of the mason jar that you are filling~ whether this is a pint, quart, or a gallon size, you will need enough vegetables to fill the jar 3/4 full with the 5 different layers of ingredients. The remaining 1/4 will be used for the apple cider vinegar.

    1. 1 part fresh chopped garlic cloves. Garlic contains manganese, vitamins B6 and C, and selenium.  It boosts the immune system and can be beneficial for those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral & anti-parasitic.
    2.  1 part fresh chopped white onions. Onions have phytochemicals called flavonoids, along with vitamin C , chromium, B6, biotin, folic acid, vitamin B1, K, and sulfur compounds. Onions also have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-histaminic properties.
    3. 1 part fresh grated ginger root.  Ginger root is used as a remedy for nausea and indigestion, and also boosts blood circulation.  It has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.
    4. 1 part fresh grated horseradish. This is an important immune stimulant that can increase the number of white blood cells in the bloodstream. It also has antioxidant properties.
    5. 1 part fresh chopped Jalapeno, Serrano, or Habanero peppers.  Hot peppers have antioxidant qualities and are excellent source of vitamins A, C, folate, and potassium. Hot peppers have the ability to stimulate blood flow throughout the body.
    6. Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.  ACV is made from fermented apples. It contains calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, malic acid, acetic acid, pectin, potassium and enzymes. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities.

    The Preparation:

    • Use a food processor to chop the onions, garlic and peppers.
    • Note: wear gloves when handling the hot peppers.
    • Fill a pt, qt, or gal size jar 3/4 full by layering the above ingredients in 5 equal parts. Then, fill to the top with raw the unfiltered apple cider vinegar
    • Close tightly, shake and then add more vinegar if needed.


    Store the jar in a dark cupboard or in a paper bag and try to shake at least once per day. Your finished tincture will be ready in two weeks. When it is done, you will need to filter the mixture through a clean cheese cloth. This can be done by lining a strainer with the cheese cloth and then setting the strainer into a large mixing bowl. Pour the mixture into the strainer and let it drain, then with gloved hands you can squeeze the cloth tightly to release the remaining liquid. Transfer the tincture into bottle(s), and store in a dark cupboard as the formula will deteriorate with exposure to light. This tincture will last indefinitely when stored properly. You can use the leftover solids as a marinade or to season salad dressings, etc.


    Traditional Dosage Recommendations:

    1/2 to 1 ounce can be taken orally two or more times per day, and this can be increased to 5 or 6 times if you are dealing with an infection or illness.

    The dosage is 1 or 2 ounces, two or more times daily. Swish and swallow. Don’t dilute with water.


    For ordinary infections, a dose taken 5-6 times a day will deal with most conditions. Make up plenty as it does not need refrigeration and lasts indefinitely without any special storage conditions.


    You can dilute this mixture with pure water as this will make this very powerful tincture easier to swallow or use water as a chaser. Please consult your healthcare professional before taking.

    Dr. Christopher's "Plague" Remedy Recipe

    Tried and True Formula for Addressing Acute Issues

    Mix well the following liquid ingredients:

    8 parts apple cider vinegar
    5 parts glycerine
    5 parts honey
    2 parts garlic juice, fresh
    2 parts comfrey root concentrate
    1 part wormwood concentrate
    1 part lobelia leaf concentrate
    1 part marshmallow root concentrate
    1 part oak bark concentrate
    1 part black walnut bark concentrate
    1 part mullein leaf concentrate
    1 part skullcap leaf concentrate
    1 part uva ursi, hydrangea or gravel root concentrate

    To make concentrates:
    Each concentrate should be made individually. Start by soaking the herb in enough distilled water to cover it, for four hours, over night if it is a root. After soaking, add more distilled water so that the total added equals 16 oz. water per 4 oz. of herb. Use a multiple of these amounts for larger batches. Using this amount will make approx. one gallon of Anti-Plague.


    Simmer the herbs on very low heat in a covered pan or double boiler for thirty minutes. Then strain the liquid into a clean pan. Put the liquid into a double boiler or on very low heat uncovered and simmer it down to one-fourth of the original volume (4 oz.) Only after all the ingredients have been prepared should the liquids be mixed. (Use only stainless steel pots.)

    To make Garlic Juice: for the above amount use 2 1/2 lbs. of garlic - peel, blend in blender with vinegar (do not liquify). Let set for 3 days, shaking several times per day. Squeeze out liquid and measure. If needed add more vinegar to equal the 8 parts. Please consult your healthcare professional before taking.

    Pets Need Healthy Lifestyles too!

    Save Thousands in Vet Bills and Heartache

    After 35 years of active Animal Rescue, we learned that spending the money for the best food possible saved us tens of thousands of dollars at the vet!


    Like people, pets need clean air and water, moderate sunshine and exercise, healing, nutrient-dense, natural foods hearkening back to their ancestral diets. Dogs and cats were not designed to eat grains; it's not what they ate in the wild. No matter the type of pet we have; the closer our pets can come to their raw ancestral diets; the closer they will be to exceptional, extraordinary health! We have seen it over and over again in our rescued animals.


    Our modern pets are suffering because of artificial-vitamin loaded, pesticide contaminated, GMO grain-based, high ash-low-nutrient foods that also include horrific tumor-laden, kill-shelter carcass "meal', sawdust and other worthless and harmful ingredients. It's so beyond belief what goes into pet food. Let's stop doing this to our babies!


    Please enjoy the video playlist from Dr. Becker to the right of this article to explore the possibilities of increasing your pet's quality of life and wellness by simple changes in diet, water and air. Obviously, if you improve the air and water quality in your home, you AND your pets stand to benefit equally! There are so many things in life we can't change, but we have the power to change our food, air and water...the basic elements of abundant life!


    Pets LOVE our infrared pads! Pure breeds (with unique health issues), elderly or injured animals will be so grateful if you put an infrared pad in their bed for treatments!


    Please also check out AlkalinePetWater.com for the easiest, most cost effective alkaline water solution for pets and people! Get a FREE SAMPLE today!

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    When you visit the Site, we automatically collect certain information about your device, including information about your web browser, IP address, time zone, and some of the cookies that are installed on your device. Additionally, as you browse the Site, we collect information about the individual web pages or products that you view, what websites or search terms referred you to the Site, and information about how you interact with the Site. We refer to this automatically-collected information as “Device Information”.
    We collect Device Information using the following technologies:
    - “Cookies” are data files that are placed on your device or computer and often include an anonymous unique identifier. For more information about cookies, and how to disable cookies, visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org.
    - “Log files” track actions occurring on the Site, and collect data including your IP address, browser type, Internet service provider, referring/exit pages, and date/time stamps.
    - “Web beacons”, “tags”, and “pixels” are electronic files used to record information about how you browse the Site.
    Additionally when you make a purchase or attempt to make a purchase through the Site, we collect certain information from you, including your name, billing address, shipping address, email address, and phone number. PayPal is the only one who has access to your payment information, card numbers, etc. Nonetheless, we refer to this information as “Order Information”.
    When we talk about “Personal Information” in this Privacy Policy, we are talking both about Device Information and Order Information.
    We use the Order Information that we collect generally to fulfill any orders placed through the Site (including processing your payment information, arranging for shipping, and providing you with invoices and/or order confirmations). Additionally, we use this Order Information to:
    - Communicate with you;
    - Screen our orders for potential risk or fraud; and
    - When in line with the preferences you have shared with us, provide you with information or advertising relating to our products or services.
    We use the Device Information that we collect to help us screen for potential risk and fraud (in particular, your IP address), and more generally to improve and optimize our Site (for example, by generating analytics about how our customers browse and interact with the Site, and to assess the success of our marketing and advertising campaigns).
    We share your Personal Information with third parties to help us use your Personal Information, as described above. For example, we use Shopify to power our online store--you can read more about how Shopify uses your Personal Information here: https://www.shopify.com/legal/privacy. We also use Google Analytics to help us understand how our customers use the Site -- you can read more about how Google uses your Personal Information here: https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/. You can also opt-out of Google Analytics here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.
    Finally, we may also share your Personal Information to comply with applicable laws and regulations, to respond to a subpoena, search warrant or other lawful request for information we receive, or to otherwise protect our rights.
    We will never rent, sell, give or exchange your personal or order information with any other third party for any other reasons than those listed above.
    As described above, we use your Personal Information to provide you with targeted advertisements or marketing communications we believe may be of interest to you. For more information about how targeted advertising works, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s (“NAI”) educational page at http://www.networkadvertising.org/understanding-online-advertising/how-does-it-work.
    You can opt out of targeted advertising by using the links below:
    - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=ads
    - Google: https://www.google.com/settings/ads/anonymous
    - Bing: https://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/resources/policies/personalized-ads
    Additionally, you can opt out of some of these services by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out portal at: http://optout.aboutads.info/.
    Please note that we do not alter our Site’s data collection and use practices when we see a Do Not Track signal from your browser.
    If you are a European resident, we do not ship our products to the EU, therefore, there is no reason for us to collect or hold any information on you.
    When you place an order through the Site, we will maintain your Order Information for our records unless and until you ask us to delete this information.
    We may update this privacy policy from time to time in order to reflect, for example, changes to our practices or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons.
    No one under the age of eighteen (18) is authorized to make purchases at our site without expressed, written permission by their parents or guardians.
    The Site is not intended for individuals under the age of 18 other than personal education purposes.
    For more information about our privacy practices, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact us by e‑mail at relief@painbegonedotorg